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Understand the Bugs!


As a plant novice, i had trouble deciding which plants were easy to adopt and care for. theplantconcept was patient and professional in providing a fuss free consultation during which they chose a couple of plants for me based on my criteria. plants were delivered looking big, fresh and healthy. would highly recommend them! looking forward to getting more plants from them.” 

—  Joyce

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The Plant Concept sprouted from a passion for nature and houseplants. We are constantly looking for quality plants and products to help you check off your plants wishlist and to help your plants grow better. Let's experience happiness through nature!

We have the Monstera, Philodendron Epipremnum, Caladium, Alocasia, Aglaonema, Calathea, Scindapsus, Raphidophora, ZZ, Billbergia, Neoregelia and other plant species on our web store.

We conduct various workshops like Paludarium, Terrarium, Aquascaping and Urban Farming.

For partnering opportunities and corporate events, please contact us