A mischievous piece of terrarium which has all the designs to nurture the plants and let them blossom! This lightbulb shaped terrarium will be a fun decoration to your desk and enable you to watch them thrive! Make your own little DIY terrarium with your loved ones! Sculpt your own landscape in a jar and bring nature into your living space!


DIY Terrarium kit includes:


  • 1 pack of Gravels
  • 1 pack of Sphagnum moss
  • 1 pack of Potting mix
  • 1 mini pot of Fittonia
  • 1 pack of pebbles
  • 1 pack of Colour sand
  • 3 FREE Figurine
  • 1 Instruction guide for DIY kit 


The Plant Concept and J2 Terrarium offers a $2 discount for future workshops/purchase on The Plant Concept Store or J2 Studio if the paper bags given during purchase were returned to be recycled!


For DIY guides to building terrarium, click HERE

Tinkerbulb - Closed Terrarium DIY Kit

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