Systemic pesticide will be absorbed into the plant. It can kill insects feeding on your plants. Unlike contact pesticide, this systemic pesticide will take a longer time to kill pest.


However, such pesticide will be useful as some insects such as weevils will bore into your plant stem while contact pesticide will no reach these pests easily. It controls pests by affecting the central nervous system, resulting in paralysis, failure to feed and death in insects. It is a systemic pesticide, which means it is absorbed into the plants through the roots, giving it all-round protection, even from hidden pests.


It is a magenta-coloured insecticide, coated with dinotefuran, a third-generation chemical in the neo-nicotinoid group, which has low toxicity to non-targets such as humans, mammals, birds, aquatic life and the environment.


Usage: Use about 2-3g per plant to prevent and kill insects. One application lasts for 30-45 days. Put around the soil or planting hole, 1-2g per pot for pot size 5.5cmØ.


Nett Content: 120g/bottle Active ingredient: Dinotefuran - 1% Other ingredients - 99%

Starkle G (120g)