Burnt/Unburnt Rice Husk 


Rice husk, or rice hulls, can be used as a medium for gardening including certain hydrocultures, it is also used as an alternative for perlite, vermiculite or peat. It is a good addition to potting medium to improve soil aeration and drainage as well as loosen up soil.


Burnt Rice Husk, otherwise known as Charcoal Rice Hull, is rich in silica and potassium and can be mixed with soil to provide more moisture and nutrient retention. It not only contributes nutrients but also absorbs odours and keeps the root system clean and hygienic. It is lightweight and also improves aeration and drainage when mixed into potting media. Burnt Rice Husk can also be used as a carbon alternative.


Contents: 100% Unburnt Rice Husk or Burnt Rice Husk

8 Litre Pack (About 600-700g)

Rice Husk (Burnt& Unburnt)