HB-101 Plant Vitalizer


Selling HB-101 Plant Vitalizer. Imported directly from Japan. FREE Local delivery by Lazada (within 3 working days with tracking, no matter which shipping method you choose).

Makes your plant grow effectively! Many people have great result on bonsai, succulent, flowers, vegetable andfruit plants.

Authentic Product – Originate from Japan. With Original Temper Seal and Very Strong Pine Smell when you open it.



Granule Type HB101. 3 simple steps - How to use:


1) *Scoop up Granule HB-101

2) Mix it with the soil around the roots of plants and water it.

3) Re-apply when 80% of the granule dissolved.

*Measuring scoop included in the pack. 1 cc for small plant pot, 1.5 cc for medium-sized pot, 2 cc for large pot, 6cc for 3.3m^2 plot of land.


Type HB101, 3 simple steps - *How to use:


1) Mix 1 part of HB-101 with 1000 part of water. Example: 1ml of HB-101 with 1 litre of water

2) Put into a spray container and spray onto your plants. HB-101 best absorb when it is being sprayed underneath the leaves. This method is also known as foliar feeding.

3) The left over Hb-101 mixture can be watered down to your soil.

*Apply HB-101 to your plants once a week for optimum result. Frequent application will not have any negative effect on your plants.



The Components of HB101:


Raw Materials (Natural)

* Cedar extract

* Cypress extract

* Pine extract

* Plantain extract


PH Balance:


* HB-101 (concentrate) pH 4.0

* HB-101 (1000X dilution) pH~6.5


Read more: https://hb-101.com/hb-101/index.html

HB101 Plant Vitalizer

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