• 100% Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE) from Australia
  • The MOST TRUSTED Diatomaceous Earth brand in Singapore with MORE THAN 340 highly recommended reviews!
  • A "MUST-HAVE" in every household as it is 100% safe and multi-functional!
  • Repels & kills ants, mites, fleas, cockroaches, plant aphids, mealy bugs, ticks, booklice, termites,and many more
  • Mix them in dry feed/grains to get rid of flour and grain mites
  • Put a cup of DE in your shoe cabinet or refrigerator to get rid of bad odour
  • Remove stains from clothings or carpet
  • Did you know that Diatomaceous Earth are also found in your toothpaste? :)

DENutrients Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (100g) ♥ Made in Australia ♥