Aglaonema is a slow-growing, sub-tropical foliage plants with large glossy narrow oval leaves with short stems, and which are often variegated colors. Aglaonema comes from the Greek ‘aglos’ (bright) and ‘nema’ (thread).


They make popular indoor houseplants in places that do not enjoy a sub-tropical climate.

As a house-plant the main requirements are warmth, out of draughts, moisture, and bright light – particularly for variegated cultivars – but not direct sunlight. ‘Tricolor’ bears leaves in three shades of green – medium green with patches of light green and dark green.

  • Water when soil is dry.
  • Place the plant in a spot with Bright, indirect light.
  • Keep well ventilated
*All plants differ from one and another, photo is for illustration purpose
*Might have some tear in leaves
*Pot size is between 14-21cm

Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor

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