Pet Safe Houseplants

“Is this plant safe for my dogs or my Cats or even my bunny?” some will ask. We always hear this question being asked some too late as they have already bought the plants without knowing if they are "Pet Safe" 

Many of the most common houseplants are not pet-safe indoor plants. That said, the majority of plants that are “poisonous” to your pet will actually only cause them some temporary discomfort, such as indigestion, of course depending on the size of your pet and how much of the plant your pet takes as a snack.

While pets munching on plants is not a problem we have personally experienced in our homes, it is always a good idea to play it safe. That’s why we have compiled this list of pet-safe house plants some of which, we carry on our web store. We have also listed a few that you should avoid or isolate from pet areas, just to be safe.

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Following are some of our Favorite Pet Safe Indoor plants:

  1. Asplenium nidus – Bird’s Nest Fern
    Beautiful, rosette-like fern that is happy in medium light and looks beautiful as a kokedama.

  2. Rhipsalis  – Mistletoe CactusEasy to care for jungle cactus that works wonders as a hanging plant, mounted as a wall display, or in a kokedama.

  3. Tropical Bromeliads
    Low light tolerant, easy to care for, and shooting out enormous, long-lasting flower

  4. Hoya – Wax Plant
    A classic houseplant that lives for years. Loads of Hoya species are available, and we love them all! A few favorites are Hoya carnosa compacta, Hoya kerrii and Hoya pubicalyx

  5. Pilea peperomioides - Chinese Money Plant
    Instagram famous plant with coin or pancake-like leaves. A prolific grower, easy to care for, and with a look entirely unique! 

  6. Spider Plant
    Long leaves, often variegated and curly, and produces lots of baby plantlets to share with your friends! Plus, it’s said to be a great air purifier

  7. Echeveria – Hens and Chicks
    Beautiful rosettes that spread easily with little root space and love a sunny window.

  8. Staghorn Fern
    With fronds that looks like horns shooting out of these epiphytic ferns, making them beautiful wall mounted display.

  9. Tillandsia – Air Plants
    A favorite as hanging display and as standalone stunners, tillandsia are fascinating and easy to care for.

  10. Fittonia – Nerve Plant
    Pink and white leaves with nerve-like lines. Loves to stay wet – great for the over-waterer and a popular plant for the terrarium.

  11. Peperomia species - Stunning cute leaves that looks like a fake plant, easy to care for. 

  12. Calanthea/Maranta - Also known as the Prayer Plant​​, very interesting plant that "open" up in the day and "closes" in the night. 

Plants to Avoid or Keep Away from your Pets

Unfortunately, many of our favorites fall into this list of unsafe plants for pets. Here’s a few to keep away from your dog or cat.

  • Pothos species

  • Philodendron species

  • Monstera deliciosa

  • Euphorbia species

  • Schefflera species

  • Jade plant

  • Sansevieria

We hope this list of pet-safe indoor plants helps you liven up your home with confidence that everyone in your household will benefit from the greenery! Click here to visit our Pet Safe Houseplants! 

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